Sonnet "La Maschera"


Cherie Greene
38 Laval St, Apt 1


Sonnet "La Maschera"

Slam Free or Die poetry event

OrtKontinent: Nordamerika
Land: United States
Ort: Stark Brewing Company
Adresse: Putnam St, 155, Manchester, 03102
Stadt: Manchester
County: Hillsborough County
Bundesland/Provinz: New Hampshire

Open mic presentation describing Commedia dell'Arte, followed by poem reading and excerpt from a play in my novel Zani.


La Maschera


Affixing his creation to his face

he masks his native countenance of skin.

A shaman’s visage veils the commonplace,

allowing what was buried to be seen.

He disinters the shrouded Harlequin

from deep beneath the strata of control,

and brushes off the savage chained within—

the feral face—the prehistoric soul.

This artificial front made up for show

unbinds instinct and cages forged restraint.

It makes the masked essence corporeal,

this paradox of leather brow, of paint,

of pulp and paste: he holds his guise concealed

and hides himself, that he may be revealed.


Art der Veranstaltung:
- Performance

Anfang: 24/02/2022 Ende: 24/02/2022


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