Commedia Day Flagship Event 2020


Sede Mundial de la Comedia dell´Arte Santiago de Chile
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Commedia Day Flagship Event 2020

La Comedia lo Dirá

OrtKontinent: Südamerika
Land: Chile
Ort: Santiago
Adresse: Virginia Opazo, 21, Santiago,
Stadt: Santiago
County: Santiago
Bundesland/Provinz: Región Metropolitana

Comedia del Arte Chile Organization The Comedia del Arte Chile organization was born in January 2019. This organization was created by a group of Actors, Actresses and amateurs. We celebrated The World Day of The Commedia dell'Arte on February 2019. We were recognized by the official website of the world day of the commedia dell'Arte and being one of the cities in Latin America.
We celebrated The World Day of Commedia making a festival of theater dedicated to comedy in which was attended by different theater companies. Also, we made a street intervention through Santiago where different characters of Commedia dell'Arte interacted with people. The festival has been made from 23 to 26 of February 2019 and a videoconference was made from Malaga of Spain to Santiago of Chile with Javier Oliva and Irene Salas from of “Teatro del Lazzi” company. They gave us a master class about the history of the commedia dell'Arte and the arrival of women to the theater.
The master Ivan Gonzalez is one of the largest masks collector of Commedia dell'Arte worldwide. He has a collection that include masks of the Sartori family and Antonio Fava. On the Festival 2019, he made an exhibition of his masks and the public could learn and interact whit different mask characters of this style of theater. Our organization celebrated the world day of the Commedia dell'Arte with the dream that our country could become the world capital of Commedia dell'Arte.
This year we have received the great news that our Country has obtained the title to be the world capital of the Commedia dell'Arte in 2020. On May of 2019, we contacted to Actor and director of theater Felipe Cabezas. He had made his career in Spain and in this occasion we invited him to realize some activities with us. He made a master class about the neutral mask technique and the Arlecchino mask technique on the theater “Espacio Arte Escondido” in Santiago of Chile. In the months of July and August, we created the Commedia dell'Arte Workshop in association with La Mutacion Theater and Comedia del Arte Chile. Fabian Arellano and Ananta Shila made the theoretical and practical workshop. This activity ended with two public exhibitions in the theater Espacio Arte Escondido. We hope to continue adding more stories to our organization. World capital of the Commedia dell'Arte Santiago 2020.
For more information please contact:
Facebook: @comediadelartecl @festivaldelacomediadelartesantiagodechile
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Anfang: 25/02/2020 Ende: 25/02/2020

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