Viva Commedia!


Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre
131 H Street
Blue Lake

Viva Commedia!

Dell'Arte International Commedia dell'Arte First Year Student Show

LuogoContinente: Nordamerica
Paese: United States
Luogo: Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre
Indirizzo: H St, 131, Arcata, 95521
Città: Blue Lake
Contea: Humboldt County
Stato/Provincia: California

Dettagli evento

Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater's first year class presents an evening of Commedia dell'Arte!  After an intensive five weeks investigating the form, Dell'Arte International first year students and lead faculty members work together to develop a full evening of original Commedia performances!  The boisterous and bawdy event includes live music, acrobatics and dance, masks made by the performers themselves, virtuosic improvised performance, and classic and contemporary Commedia archetypes in fresh, original scenarios.  The show is an annual community favorite, and marks the first for-the-public production of the first year ensemble.


Tipo di evento:
- Spettacolo
- Saggio scolastico

Inizio: 07/02/2019 Fine: 09/02/2019

Dettagli organizzazione Rebecca Finney