Characters & Conventions of Commedia dell’Arte: with relevance to a 21st century context


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Characters & Conventions of Commedia dell’Arte: with relevance to a 21st century context

LocationContinent: Oceania
Country: Australia
Location: NIDA - National Institute of Dramatic Art
Address: Anzac Parade, 215, Kensington, 2033
City: Kensington
County: Randwick City Council
State/Province: New South Wales

Event details
Dr Corinna Di Niro (PhD in Commedia dell'Arte / Co-Editor of 'Commedia in the Asia-Pacific, in press) will be giving a lecture to the Bachelor of Fine Arts cohort at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.  Drawing on her 20 years as a Commedia performer, director, teacher and researcher, Dr Di Niro invites students to consider Eastern trade in Venice (and other parts of Italy) during the 13-14th century as a possible starting point for Commedia's development. Dr Di Niro also discusses how Commedia travelled over time and place, its ability to remain "recognisable" while simultaneously embedding itself into various socio, cultural and political context. Dr Di Niro then shifts her focus to contemporary times and highlights cultural fusions of ritual and theatrical practice (namely in India and NZ). Through her lecture, Dr Di Niro shows the high degree of skill required by Commedia actors, who needed to be able to perform not "just" Commedia (as if it was merely "one thing"), but a wide range of theatre, dance and circus and language skills. Dr Di Niro advocates for Commedia to be a keystone subject in all performing arts degrees in Australian tertiary institutions to better equip graduates with the skills needed to become professional actors and theatre makers.


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Beginning: 23/02/2021 End: 23/02/2021


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