Commedia Workshop at Tournament of Ymir


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Commedia Workshop at Tournament of Ymir

Three hour workshop for beginners in "Iron Commedia" style at the SCA event of "Ymir"

LuogoContinente: Nordamerica
Paese: United States
Luogo: Millstone 4-H Camp
Indirizzo: Mallard Dr, 1409, Ellerbe, 28338
Città: Ellerbe
Distretto: NA
Contea: Richmond County
Stato/Provincia: North Carolina

Dettagli eventoAbstract:
Workshop in the style of "Iron Commedia" for all comers


This workshop in the style of "Iron Commedia" is part of a larger event by the Society for Creative Anachronism celebrating the legend of Loki.
Come to the event ( and join the commedia workshop at 1:00pm. We will select characters and write a short scenario together then perform the scenario we create at 4:30pm. Run time should be about 15 minutes. All people of all experience levels are welcome to join in this workshop and create some laughter together!


Tipo di evento:
- Classe aperta
- Workshop

Inizio: 24/02/2024 Fine: 24/02/2024


Dettagli organizzazione Lara Coutinho