XII Dni Komedii dell'Arte


Fundacja Studio Dono
ul. Armii Krajowej 31/18

XII Dni Komedii dell'Arte

Spotkania z komedi? - wydarzenie online

LocationContinent: Europe
Country: Polonia
Location: Teatr Praska 52
Address: Praska, 52, Kraków, 30-322
City: Kraków
District: D?bniki
County: Kraków
State/Province: Ma?opolskie

Event detailsAbstract:
Dni Komedii dell’Arte is a Polish celebration of the international Commedia dell'Arte Day held annually since 2010. Our aim is to promote the knowledge about this extraordinary theatrical phenomenon. The upcoming 12th edition will be completely diffe

Encounter with the commedia is a series of recordings prepared for the 12th Dni Komedii dell'Arte. They will introduce the key aspects of the commedia. A pinch of theory will introduce to the comedic essence of entertainment. Trupa KOMEDIANTY will provide it by performing intermedia prepared for this occasion.  
 Encounter with the commedia. Part 1 "Stormy Hearts" Comic and seriousness in the commedia dell’arte The first episode is devoted to comedy and seriousness. The comedy characters, though closed in types, dressed in masks and costumes, touch upon important universal problems in a light, playful and deliberate manner. So is there seriousness in comedy?
 Encounter with the commedia. Part 2 "The Traps of Love". Women in the commedia dell'arte. Commedia dell'arte introduced revolutionary changes that changed the theater forever. One of such changes, obvious to us today, was the presence of women - actresses on the stage. This episode will be devoted to women on stage.
 Encounter with the commedia. Part 3 “Shrewd Advances”. Masks in the commedia dell'arte. Masks have been present in the theater since its inception. To this day, they can evoke extreme emotions. The last episode of Encounter will show more about the way they are made and their role in the commedia.


Type of event:
- Online Event

Beginning: 25/02/2021 End: 27/02/2021


Organization details Agnieszka  Cianciara-Frohlich