Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte Inter-Active Online Workshop


Teatro Studio Maschera
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Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte Inter-Active Online Workshop

Between Tradition and Innovation

LocationContinent: Europe
Country: Italia
Location: Treviso
Address: Via Portico Oscuro, 7, Treviso, 31100
City: Treviso
County: Provincia di Treviso
State/Province: Veneto

Event detailsAbstract:
We invite you to a trip in time, from the 16th century to today. Together, we will explore the play of this adventurous art, which has been alive for almost five centuries. Enjoy the tradition, now!



“The method I propose is based on the mask as an instrument for the professional and personal development of the actor.  The Commedia dell’Arte should not be understood as a genre or style but as a technique for theatrical creation not focused on dramaturgy or the director but exclusively on the actor.   
The mask as an object is an instrument belonging to the artist/creator and serves as an obstacle to overcome in the development of the communicative and expressive potential of the body, a pathway to perfection that we call: “the transformative defacement”. This defacement consists in literally covering the face of the actor and all the expression that derives from it. This expressiveness transfers to the body, in its entirety, and gives it the role of communicating dramatic meaning to the audience.    
The method is aimed to question what we have always been inclined to believe that there exist only two distinct, if not incompatible, fields of knowledge: theory and practice. It’s common to believe that athletes are incapable of thinking about their sport except with their muscles and theorists are not capable of practice without their thoughts.  This is a perspective that is binary and in opposition. In reality theory and practice are not separate worlds but interactive levels of science.
For the art of the actor, as I see it, there exist at least three levels: theory, practice and an intermediate level that we call knowledge.
It’s for this reason that the acting studio uses various disciplines in every field of research, from hermeneutics to the psychology of perception, from historiography to iconography, all the fields in a continuous evolution. Commedia dell’Arte therefore serves as a matrix for all the studies and research of the great teachers of the 20th century that have influenced my training: Stanislavskij, Grotowski, Barba, Copeau, Artaud, Lecoq.
In the end, it’s a matter of combining theory, the level of laws, and practice, the level of empiric solutions, in order to arrive at knowledge: the level of pragmatic rules.
Between the comprehension of theory and the doing of practice we arrive at the knowledge of how to do which is not only the limited scope of individual experience but also the more vital general knowledge of the capacity to manifest. One works with body and mind not as distinct elements but united in the development of the knowledge of our art in order to manifest our potential in progressive evolution.”   Fabrizio Paladin


Type of event:
- Online Event

Beginning: 27/02/2021 End: 27/02/2021


Organization details Fabrizio Paladin