XIV Dni Komedii dell'Arte


Fundacja Studio Dono, Centrum Kultury Podgórza
Armii Krajowej 31


XIV Dni Komedii dell'Arte

LocationContinent: Europe
Country: Poland
Location: Teatr Praska 52
Address: Praska, 52, Kraków, 30-322
City: Kraków
District: D?bniki
County: Kraków
State/Province: Ma?opolskie

Event details

On February, between 20-26,  Krakow will celebrate the 14th Commedia dell'Arte Day.  Despite its age, Commedia is still alive and has continuators of its wonderful tradition in Krakow.
The program of this year's Days includes performances, workshops, an exhibition of masks and lessons of commedia dell'arte addressed to young people. Commedia dell'arte will be also present on the Internet (fb, yt) - there, during this 7 days, you will be able to find short films in the series "Commedia dell'Arte in Krakow".
The project is co-financed by the City of Krakow.
Organizers: Fundacja Studio Dono , Centrum Kultury Podgórza, W?oski Instytut Kultury w Krakowie

20.02 / 9.00 ; 11.00
21.02/ 9.00 ; 11.00
Lessons of Commedia dell'arte Trupa KOMEDIANTY
Place: Teatr Praska 52
22.02/ 9.00 ; 11.00
Lessons of commedia dell'arte Trupa KOMEDIANTY
Place: Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Cracovia
23.02/ 17.00-20.00
Studio di Cracovia Danza Balet (ul. Szlak 67)
Commedia dell’arte workshop Agnieszka Cianciara-Fröhlich, capocomico
24.02/ 18.00 25.02/ 18:00
The Neighbor. Performance Trupa KOMEDIANTY Praska 52 (ul. Praska 52)
After performance meeting with artists from Trupa KOMEDIANTY, Moderator: Pawe? Czechowski   26.02/ 18.00
The tavern under the broken penny.
Performance Trupa KOMEDIANTY Teatr Praska 52 (ul. Praska 52) 
Exposition of commedia dell'arte masks made by Jonathan Frohlich
Place: Teatr Praska 52


Type of event:
- Performance
- Exhibition
- Childrens Event
- Workshop

Beginning: 20/02/2023 End: 26/02/2023


Organization details Agnieszka  Cianciara-Frohlich