FREE Commedia Workshops!


Fizgig Studio
589 10th St

FREE Commedia Workshops!

LuogoContinente: Nordamerica
Paese: United States
Luogo: Pace University
Indirizzo: William St, 140, New York, 10038
Città: New York
Distretto: Manhattan
Contea: New York County
Stato/Provincia: New York

Dettagli eventoAbstract:
Feb 25 12-2pm in Brooklyn and 4-6pm in Manhattan


Please join us for a big time! We'll have a little blah blah blah about how this Commedia gizmo works, then check out the masks (and we got some really good ones), put the fun in our bodies, and take those masks and the archetypes that go with 'em out for a spin! 

Everybody is welcome! If you have “experience,” good. If you have no “experience,” good! Whether you're an actor or an artist or an accountant, if you're Commmedia-curious, get in the game! But maybe you’re all like, “Isn’t Commedia all hokey and from some kinda really bad Ren faire?” Yes, sometimes! But not how we’re gonna rock it. Playing in the contemporary, we'll find great physical expression and specificity, create hilarious and moving characters, and discover new and unusual games and material.

We're gonna have 2, count 'em 2!, events. We'll start in Brooklyn 12pm-2pm EST and then parade to Manhattan for 4-6pm EST. Then we'll go out for a drink! (If you want.) Join us in Brooklyn or Manhattan or both! It's 100% Free, all you have to do is sign up beforehand at!!


Tipo di evento:
- Classe aperta
- Workshop

Inizio: 25/02/2024 Fine: 25/02/2024


Dettagli organizzazione Virginia Scott