La Madre Amable (a pesar de ella misma)


Angel Rose Artist Collective
Washington, DC

La Madre Amable (a pesar de ella misma)

The Kind Mother (in spite of herself)

LuogoContinente: Nordamerica
Paese: United States
Luogo: 6950 Maple St NW
Indirizzo: Maple St NW, 6950, Washington, 20012
Città: Washington
Stato/Provincia: District of Columbia

Dettagli eventoAbstract:
Trans BIPOC Troupe takes on Commedia dell'Arte!

A comedy about a troupe of BIPOC theatre artists reclaiming their space in classical theatre production. They tell the story of Flor & Mario, innamorato who are in love with one another but are kept apart by a nasty, bitter, House Mother: La Señora Magdalena. La Señora is intent on profiting off of her Daughter's marriage, & with the help of the local witch-doctor match-maker, arranges a marriage between Flor and an extremely wealthy & extremely old man. Human trafficking!? Not if Conchita the housemaid has anything to do with it! This comedy features the classical stock characters, an array of contemporary queer entendre, drag king pandemonium, & a strong love for BIPOC communities surviving white supremacy. In ASL + Spanish, with ASL-interpretation and English captions.


Tipo di evento:
- Spettacolo

Inizio: 25/02/2024 Fine: 25/02/2024


Dettagli organizzazione Petrona Xemi Tapepechul